Friday, November 30, 2007

Utter of the Day - 11-30-07

Fear can paralyze us, but acting in spite of the fear can free us - Check out this Utter by TheLaughingImp

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Support Our Military Through the Holidays

Want to show support to our military men and women? Love to send cards and packages? This is your chance, check out At that link, you'll find directions for sending cards and sponsoring packages. Please do take a few moments to check it out.


Google - Delivering Babies?

From the article:

We see a lot of exciting projects come to fruition around here, but two Googlers recently added delivering a baby to their on-the-job experience, giving a whole new meaning to working well under pressure.

The article goes on two tell how two Googlers not only helped with search but helped with some births. If you like a bit of heart warming with your search, check it out.

Scrabulous on Facebook - SLOW?

Well, here it is straight from them.

Why is Scrabulous slow?

There are a large number of users playing on Scrabulous (thank you!). Our new servers are getting ready and we should be migrating to a much better environment very soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Well, I've about given up on some of my games. I know. I don't pay to play. So why gripe? Because I'm a huge fan! Since I don't have a favorite sports team, I root for my favorite online tools and applications. (We all have our hobbies.)

Don't give up on Scrabulous; they'll be back to full steam shortly. Just remember that it's slow because it's a big hit. You and I created this problem. Ha.

Keep bringing the challenges and rematches.

Utter of the Day - 11-28-07

Today I'm picking two Utters for Utter of the Day.

First, by PixelFish - with a round up of Kindle reviews

Second, by Mosqueda - with a thoughtful piece about the shooting of Sean Taylor.

Please give them both a look.

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Utter of the Day - 11-29-07

Christmas is coming and nowhere is that more evident than at the White House.

newmediajim brings us two Utterz recorded live from the White House today as they preview the Christmas preperations:

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Online Media - Down With TV?

Today on my social networks I ran across a couple of folks that mentioned that online networking and media has all but replaced TV for them. I'm dropping that on you with no opinion of good or bad. Just to point out that such comments are becoming much more common. But is that really a good representation of the world? Heck, is it a good representation of your city?

What those of us heavily into living our lives attached to the Internet, is that many individuals don't have Internet access. Now some of those individuals don't because they don't have an interest but could afford to get access. Others have no interest but couldn't get access due to cost or location or both. Yet another group has interest but can't afford it or access is not available.

Of those three groups, I'd like to deal with the two groups of have nots, regardless of interest.

Just today, two Utterz I read directly mentioned giving laptops to third world countries. The idea being that we can't 'leave them behind.' Heck, not a bad idea in itself, but not just third world countries are being left behind. Many folks in the US today can't afford access or can't reasonably get access. And even some of those that can use a public installation perhaps have no way to guarantee access or even access to specific things. (Libraries increasingly have blocking software.)

So what are we doing to help those individuals? Are we giving them free laptops and free wifi? Are we sitting up free Internet terminals that have unrestricted access? Or is it really worth it? For those without access, should we even be concerned about it?

Have people like me become part of a sort of upper class of society. And instead of a trickle down economy you'd find with money, we seem to generate only more success and riches for ourselves and others in this upper class. I tweet only for those than can have Twitter, and Utter for only those that can reach Utterz. My Facebook goodness, yet again, not available to the have nots of society.

Perhaps we should institute a mandatory Internet awareness and membership drive. Instead of recruiting soldiers and having a draft, how about we draft everyone into the Internet?! Maybe, just maybe, if everyone in the world is tied up browsing and Uttering, and swapping virtual spit on Facebook, they'll be too busy to shoot each other up, or have turf wars, or sweat religious differences.

Or sadly, I see a darker future, where the seedier side of man finds yet another outlet for it's pathos.

What do you think? Internet for the world = Great stuff? Or are there bigger concerns?

Be brave, give your opinion. Utter, Tweet, email me, blog about it, post it on Facebook, I don't care, but I do urge you to have an opinion.


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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Utter of the Day - 11-27-07

Interviews can be fun! This one by pacificIT with Rich Pav, of is both interesting and fun.

Check it out:

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Digital Camcorder

Please recommend a camcorder - brand or specific. My target price range is just at $300. If you want, provide me a link to your blog. i'll exchange a link to you for a good tip on the camcorder. I think I'm leaning towards miniDV. Thanks!!

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I've been mentioned in the Utterz Helpful Herd!

Utterz Blog - Helpful Herd!

Chris Brogan, Dayngr and I were mentioned at the Utterz Blog today. Thank Cowlisto!

Thank you PixelFish for spotting it!

If you aren't uttering, why not?


Sunday, November 25, 2007

A look at Facebook's International Growth during the past 30 days

The Jeff Pulver Blog: A look at Facebook's International Growth during the past 30 days:

Jeff Pulver shows us the numbers and how they've changed from Oct 26th to Nov 25th. The growth is over 400% for Turkey at the extreme, with many other countries coming in at over 25% growth. To me those numbers are astounding. The real question is what's behind those numbers and why is US growth only 8.85% for the same period.

Jeff goes on to compare relative penetration between the top 10 countries, and also the top countries where English is not the primary language. Interestingly, the USA is only number 6 overall. Norway is both number 2 overall, and number 1 in the nonEnglish speaking countries.

These numbers are both startling and useful. Perhaps the Facebook team's strategy is reflected here or perhaps it spells out where their work lies. However, it is probably most valuable from a marketing perspective. Just who is using Facebook?

Please click through and check out Pulver's post and his entire blog. If you are interested in social networking and social media, you'll find much of interest there.


Utterz Tips

Well since two of my Utterz pals got into the act, Dayngr,, and Chris Brogan, . I thought I'd join the fun.

Here are my tips for voice Utterz:
1. State your name - Thanks Chris!
2. Know your audience and speak to us - that means if you are leaving a note for your aunt, speak like your aunt is used to; likewise if you are doing a review, we don't necessarily want to hear about pie
3. Keep it on topic - I know I have a tendency to wander verbally when I'm leaving a voice message - think of this more like a presentation - well, unless it is a message for your aunt
4. If you are making several points, clue in the listener up front - since when we record audio and the listener may not be seeing any text with it, it's fair to clue them in on the length
5. Go for quality over quantity - generally less is better if we speaking about recordings. Consider using private as your default if you will be doing numerous call ins and verbal Utterz in the same day

Of course, these tips apply less to message updates for friends and family and more so for topical utterz. Be careful not to mix the two.

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Utter of the Day - 11-25-07

Check out my pick for Utter of the Day -
This Utter links to a very informative post by a writer that's on strike. The writer answers a slew of questions, several around the strike. I found it insightful.

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Blogging and Social Media-Ideas?

Social media and networking - blogging suggestions? What are you interested in along those lines?

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Utter of the Day - 11-24-07

Check out my pick for Utter of the Day -

Five Tips for Utterz

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

What the heck Facebook!

Just what the heck kind of ads do you think I want to see Facebook? What part of Conservative, in a relationship, Christian Baptist is unclear?

Hey Facebook folks! Get it together on your sponsor ads. I'm an adult, and I've seen more nipples than I care to. I'd prefer not to see them on a social networking site that my family uses, especially uninvited nipples.

Blog? Speak out about this and let Facebook know how you feel.

Happy Thanksgiving

Chris Brogan asks us a great question in his article, Step Back and Look Around.

Before you go traipsing about, blogging and podcasting and twittering and uttering and making usernames all over the Internet, ask yourself what you’re hoping to get done. Most folks have one answer: meet like minded people. Or maybe you say things about how you want to talk about what matters to you (*.deity knows that’s what I do. I tell people I want to talk about things that I’m interested in talking about).

Yes, he's asking what our goals our in all of this social networking. Is it enough to just keep adding contacts and contraptions, with only a vague sense of where you want to go? Chris suggest in this article that we should each address our desires and goals, our purpose for social networking.

So just why are you adding yet another profile on another network? One that you'll have to maintain, or more likely one you won't. Is it even fair to ask your friends to subscribe to another bit of you that you might or might not share there? What's your point?

So we harken back again, what's your end goal? I'll share mine:

1) Networking with people with similar personal goals and interests
2) Networking with those already succeeding at things I'm interested in
3) Networking with existing and making new friends
4) Broadening my view of the world - my knowledge, wisdom, and experience

Care to share yours?

Visit Chris Brogan's article. Leave him a comment please.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Family on the net

Or how come my sister-in-law is friending me? :)

Please welcome one of my sister-in-laws, Linda, to Facebook.

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Scrabulous @ Facebook-Live Score

My buds at Scrabulous have done it again; they've snuck in a new feature that I love already. The new feature is live scoring while you place your tiles.

See the attached picture for what I mean.

Basically, as you place each tile on the board, the potential score updates live. This is great for those folks that can't or don't want to figure out each possible play score in their heads. Heck, it will definitely help me some days.

Thanks again to my favorite Facebook App Team - Scrabulous.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What is Twitter - Video

Tags in Utterz - Slap one on

So you posted the world's best utter, now what? Oh, so your handfull of fellow utterers find it, and maybe a few more of your Twitter buddies. But well, it seems to go nowhere after that. Maybe it's time to consider tags. That's right, tags.

For example, I recently posted this
(copy/paste if you want to see the actual Utterz)

I added tags.

Today, I did a Google search on the following:
tojosan 50mm 1.8 canon

And voila, my Utterz is the third link down.

So, if you aren't using tags today with your Utterz, please consider it. If for no other reason than that it will make them easier to find later.

Maybe you've considered those uttererances of the past throwaway. But I beg to differ, they are searchable, by you, and others. Why not give your better ones a chance.

That leads me to one other thought before I close. Utterz doesn't have to be just for notes to your friends, or reminders to yourself. It does allow automatic or manual posting to any or all of your blogs, as well as Twitter. Who knows what other networking they'll enable in the future. Tagging will become of even more value then, and if tags are enabled to be cross-posted to the blogs automatically.

Tag it my fellow Utterers!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kindle by Amazon - Cool Enough?

The Kindle by Amazon is the latest thing in the eBook market. Not seen it, the follow the link please and take a look.

First off, let's agree to get past the 'stuck in the 80s look' and feel of this thing. So what if it wasn't designed by our friends at Apple. Looking good isn't everything. (Tip of the hat to Eric Rice for that reminder.)

The device has a lot going for it. My favorite is the no attachment requirement. Simply pick it up and go. That's a huge bonus for folks on the go, who already have enough items to worry about. Another feature that is a big plus is the immediate availability of bestsellers and newspapers for download. With so many other features to speak of, the last one I want to point out is the free wireless access. That's right, free, as in no bill, no contract, no service plan free. For folks who don't deal well with that sort of thing, this just might be the killer feature.

What do I think will be negatives to this product? Well, speaking only as a reader, traveller and geek, I'll share. The number one concern to me is what happens when Amazon looses interest? Or more likely, doesn't get the interest they are expecting? Will the books still work and will folks want their only copy stranded on the Kindle?

Next up on my list is the cost. I'm imagining that this won't be something folks I work and travel with will likely invest in. The reason, initial cost. At $400 US, even without wireless fees, the device is an expensive way to buy books. The question is does the cheaper cost of the book purchase make up for the initial outlay.

Those couple of negatives thoughts aside, that leaves me with a couple of questions.

Who does Amazon see as the target audience?
What happens with books I have read and remove from the Kindle? Can I swap them in later for no cost?
Will there be software updates to provide more features and font support?
Oh yeah, and for me, will there be funny pages support? Well?

Check out the Kindle at Amazon. Watch the video and see for yourself. What do you think?

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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Great TwitterOut

Can you spend the day without Twitter? Care to try? Join the Facebook event for December 3rd.

Care to challenge yourself on another day? Create your own event or follow up event and share with the rest of us.

I encourage everyone to take the challenge. Afterwards, share your stories of a day without tweets.

Let me know how it works out...with your tweets, Utterz or Seesmic posts.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Three Words - Cooperative Story

Check out this cool new Facebook app.

Three Words is a cooperative story application for Facebook. Each contribution is required to be exactly 3 words. Punctuation can be included.

Some of the stories are turning out to be really fun. Mostly crazy at any rate. You can invite others to contribute to your story also. And once you've posted your three words, someone else has to post three more before you can write again. Interesting stuff.
Check it out.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hat Experiment - Blue Glow

Now to make an outfit of that...

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Friday, November 16, 2007

UNLV Students use Utterz to cover Debate

So is social media networking ready for the big time? Maybe or not, but it's certainly ready for student journalism. Last night's Democratic Presidential debates were covered and blogged about by UNLV students, and that included the use of Utterz, a newcomer to the 2.0 game.

A quote from the Utterz site:

"Utterz is the first way you can instantly blog your experiences, thoughts and ideas, anywhere, using all the capabilities of your mobile phone. Utterz mashes together the voice, video, pictures, and text you call or send in and creates an 'Utter' that can immediately update your existing web pages on sites like Blogger, Facebook, LiveJournal, MySpace and more."

Want to blog, don't have time or tools to write but have your cell phone? You can blog with Utterz. It's as simple as calling the 712-432-Mooo (6666). Setting up an account takes minutes and then you are ready to go.

And again, back to the point here. Follow the link below to see and hear what UNLV students had to say, and I mean literally say also, about the Presidential debates.

Utterz, UNLV Students use Utterz to cover Debate: "UNLV Students use Utterz to cover Debate"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blogging in St. Louis - It's Happening!

Think you have to live in a huge town to find bloggers? Think again! Last month a good size group of bloggers got together at Schlafly Bottleworks for an evening of conversation and introductions.

Bloggers of all types came out. Professional bloggers, bloggers for a specific profession, topical bloggers, and bloggers that just happen to live in St. Louis. Folks were of all shapes and sizes, from soft spoken to loud and everywhere in between.

It was so much fun in fact that another event is coming up in December. I'm certainly looking forward to it. But wait, there's more!

Yes, this weekend, Saturday the 17th, another group of Twitter-Pownce-Bloggers and more group is meeting in St. Louis. Barcamp? Not sure it's that serious more like bar and grill and friends camp. Ha.

Blog? Twitter? Pownce? All three? Want to join in? Can't RSVP? Just show up but be ready to share, be shared with, and probably get your picture snapped.

Looking forward to seeing you. Bring your online ID info in hand and place to put everyone else's.

Twitter - Pownce and Beyond Meet in St. Louis

PreppyDude says: It's time for the folks in the *fly over states* to have a meet up!

Midwest Twitter-Pownce-Meet
Monarch - Maplewod,Mo
Sat, November 17 2007 at 6:30 p.m

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Goldie's Gabs: Public, Private and Otherwise

Goldie's Gabs: Public, Private and Otherwise

Great thinking out loud post about how and what we share online. Goldie takes it from a personal perspective. Already a few great article, there some interesting replies.

Go and join the conversation.


Photophlow - new features

Photophlow, the 3rd party Flickr browsing/chatting/community site and more, just released some new features.

The first I'd like to mention is whisper. Yes, whisper is a feature. But you'd say, don't most chat clients have that. You'd be right, but Photophlow isn't a chat client.

In Photophlow rooms, users can chat in general discussion, but until now there was no private way to communicate in-room. This will add a depth to the shared viewing experience that regular chat doesn't have. It reminds me of whispering in an art show.

The second feature, more interesting to most, is the ability to post a photo to your Tumblr site. If you don't have a account, visit the site and sign up. Very quick.

The feature works as advertised, posting a blog style posting of that shot to Tumblr. In addition, it comments the photo providing a link to the Tumblr post. Nice feature.

Enough said for tonight. You can read the site's own blog here.

Video attached...or so I hope.

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STL Blogger Holiday Meetup

St. Louis area bloggers are getting it together again, this time for the holidays. Bring your smile, and prepare to meet some of the most outspoken folks in metro St. Louis. Also, bring your good cheer, fun holiday stories, and of course, be prepared to talk about blogging and St. Louis.

Follow the link here, STL Blogger Meetup, to comment, contribute or stake your claim to being there.

The plan is to meet at Llwelyn’s Pub in Webster Groves.

Be there and blog about it!


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Festival Of Marriage - New Flickr Group

Flickr: Festival Of Marriage Photos

I've just kicked off this new group for photos from Festival of Marriage weekends. Got some to share? Great shots of the presenters? The place you stayed? Of yourselves? Come join my wife and I and share your weekend through photos and discussion.

Friday, November 09, 2007

From the Festival of Marriage Weekend

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Utterz vs Seesmic Thoughts

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Digitally Bankrupt

So here' a link to my now all time best blog article.
If you wouldn't mind, please just read this one article and Stumble, Tumble, Reblog or comment. It's on a roll tonight, 61 views via StumbleUpon today.

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Live from Raleigh

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

At the Marriott

So I made it to the Marriott in one piece. Dinner was too much and too late. So I'll be hitting the sack too full. Bummer. It's about 11:30 PM here in Raleigh. Hopefully out sooner than later. Rise and shine about 6:10 or so to head out to work. Luckily they serve a good buffet here. And of course, gotta stop for the uber soda on the way in too.
Chat you all up in the morning.

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Off to Raleigh

By the time you read this, I'll be on the road heading to the airport to fly to Raleigh, NC. Chat later.

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MFA - Master of Fine Arts?

Who has the best MFA - Master of Fine Arts graduate program in the US? Any suggestions?

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Photrade - Photo Selling?

Tojosan's Photrade page

Yes, I'd love you to visit. But to warn you, it's all about the selling.

Photrade is a site where the photographer posts images, gathers them in galleries, then sets a mark up for the price. The price of what? Prints!

Anyone can visit your Photrade site and order a print. Photrade handles the transaction and passes the extra $ back to the photographer.

Photrade is still in alpha mode but it seems easy enough to use so far. I was able to upload photos in short order, and set the mark up. Discovery of functions for those were fairly easy.

Additionally there is an events section to plan showings perhaps. As I explore it more, I'll be posting updates about it. Hopefully I'll get everyone excited for when it goes public.

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Canon 50mm 1.8 - Get it!

The Canon 50mm 1.8 is a must have lens. That is unless you can
afford the next step up for it. The 50mm 1.8 was my first choice for
a next lens beyond the kit lens for the Canon XTi. It's a fairly
fast lens with good focus speed and tack sharp focus. It supports
auto and manual focus and lends its self to lower light shooting.
This photo is just a quick example of the excellent shots you will
take with this lens.

I found the best price for this lens was on Amazon across all
fronts. It is intermittently in stock but the price is always less
than 0 US. Go, check it out, and buy one.

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My brand color

What is your brand color? I think mine is black and white, with selected color. There's much chatter about creating your brand, not being passive about it. For me, I find that the shots of me I've enjoyed most recently are selective color shots. So this shot, as well as any other, represents in some way my brand color.

What's yours?

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Second Life Opportunity

I discuss a Second Life business opportunity created by Susan Reynolds aka SL Tynan Clary. Please feel free to listen and provide feedback.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Day 2 and 2k more

Tab waited on the pie, thanking May, before starting the conversation up with Tom. This gave her time to think and get some confidence from the sugar rush of the pie.

"Tom, so what happened last night?"
"Bev gave me something."
"Just wait Tom, I don't want to hear about what Bev, uh, gave you." She frowned at Tom.
"Seriously Tab, that's not it at all." He began whispering. "Bev gave me a joint."
Tab didn't know whether to laugh at him or slap him. She'd never even tried drugs but wasn't freaked out about them either. But she cared about Tom, and didn't think to kindly of him doing drugs.
"So did you take it?"
"You know me, try anything once right? So yeah, I took a few tokes."
"A few huh? Did you get sick? Or let me guess, now you have mono." She was joking but sighed out loud for effect.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

And then they had powers... an excerpt

Tab thought that maybe if they all concentrated on Tom at the same time, perhaps they could affect his performance in a positive way. Maybe he'd run faster or throw further or catch that really tough pass. They weren't sure, especially Tab, about what to expect. They all agreed it might be pure silliness but they all knew something they'd not even believed even months ago. The knew that some of them had special abilities. The ability to see things beyond the norm. To control things with their minds. Even to sense things that they couldn't see or hear. Tonight was to be their experiment to combine their abilities; they thought themselves too weak individually.