Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Crazy Eight for ‘08

I got tagged for "Eight Things You Didn't Know About Me" Meme by Shashi Bellamkonda. It's always interesting reading memes where folks have to share things, and as Shashi put it, spill the beans. So here are 8 things about me, the good, the bad, the useless.

1. I was born in Litchfield, Illinois. Why there? Because that was the only town with a hospital in the area.

2. I've lived on both coasts of the United States, and beyond.

3. I used to be a US Navy Machinist Mate before I got payed to work with computers. I did 11 yrs 4 mns and 27 days in the Navy.

4. I was stationed on submarines while in the Navy. Both of my boats, the USS Atlanta, and the USS Norfolk, where stationed out of Norfolk, VA.

5. I consider myself a self made success in my current life. Though I'm not rich nor written a best selling novel, but I make good money for what I do, and don't work many weekends. I taught myself 90+ % of all I know about programming, networking and tech stuff in general.

6. My second car was a green Pinto. Yes. Pinto. It was known as the Toad Mobile. That was adopted for use by my friends, and my future wife. That car saw more action than I care to admit.

7. I've had beer in Norway, Belgium, Italy, England, Canada, Gibraltar and more. And one of my favorites is still a good stiff Guinness.

8. I have diverse friends and I'm proud of that. This may surprise some folks, as my personal choice is to be conservative, but I have long time friends that are gay and have been.(don't tell mom) I've got friends that aren't Christians. (no, don't tell my mom) I've got friends that don't speak good English. (again, don't tell my mom) But you get the idea. Don't be fooled into who I might be because you've never gotten to know me.

Thanks Shashi for inviting me into this meme. Thanks Geoff Livingston for kicking it off.

For now, I'm passing on tagging anyone in this post, though I reserve the right to come back later and edit. Ha.

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