Monday, January 07, 2008

Skitch - screenshots and more

I've been using Skitch for some time now, and it's one of the easiest Mac tools for screen shots. It affords you the option to capture a frame of what's in the Skitch 'window', or a full screen capture. The window is resizable as well.

Not only does Skitch capture the screen but has built in tools for circling and highlight as well. Even better, it has text and arrows. This sounds fun but it's practical as well.

I've used Skitch to capture screenshots from various web sites. Also, it can be used, and I've done it, to capture images from a web cam.

My Flickr gallery of Skitch shots is here.

But enough of my thoughts. Another blogger, Jonathan Bailey, over on The Blog Herald wrote an in-depth review and describes how it's useful in many ways. Go check it out.

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