Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Social Media, You and Politics

On a quick couple of questions to the twitterati:

How has social media affected your view on politics?
Would you consider yourself more informed thanks to social media/networking? i.e. YouTube.

Some answers:
@DearYvette Social media has not impacted my political view, in the slightest.

@hooeyspewer Social media has had no impact on my political views at all.

@hooeyspewer Though I have noticed that people throw the word *Immigrant* around interchangably with *Illegal Immigrant* quite a bit. :(

@blawgger it has allowed me to deal directly with enough people to make me worry about the future of the american economy

@livingfrisbee Zilch!

@richpalmer It hasn't; still don't like it. And I believe there are more animals on planet than donkeys & elephants. Bipartisan=incomplete.

@princess_belle with an incredibly busy life, the information I've picked up on SM sites, esp Twitter, have allowed me to actually learn & follow

@luvsels It hasn't really affected my views just provides a way for me see a broad range of views on the political issues.

yes, more informed because of social media... I'd agree with that.

@luvsels More informed... definitely... and the plus side is the media bias is absent.

@eladyland I think so. I think I'm better informed and picking up the pulse of what other people think, and not just of my political stripe

Nope, but I have access to even more people who are uninformed and noisy about it.

So how has social media and social networking affected your views on politics? Give me a shout on Twitter or here on the blog.

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