Saturday, January 19, 2008 and Tojosan the Cartoonist

I hereby declare myself a cartoonist! Or a Toonletist maybe? In any case, I'm going to be playing at

Toonlet is a free site where you can construct comic strip characters and piece together full blown comic strips. Now mind you there are no flashy things here, but the tool set provide is enough for any budding story teller.

The character creation allows you to piece together various body parts, such as torso, arms, and head. As well, there are hair, eyes, and mouth selections. These parts come in various sets, and can be mixed and matched.

New characters belong in new strips of course, and that feature is straightforward if not full of features. The strip allows the entering of a title, a panel heading, and filling in a text balloon. Only one text balloon per panel is available right now.

Strips can be as short as one panel or can span a significant number of panels. The largest I've seen had 16 panels. Panel background color is selectable per panel.

Overall, I can see this as a lighthearted stop on the net, but like any medium, there will be many uses for it. The biggest downfall to that though is the inability to imbed the strips or characters into a blog/web page.

Well all that said, here's my latest comic strip. A small homage to Susan Reynolds and her blog, Boobs On Ice, the ongoing story of her dealing with breast cancer.

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