Monday, January 14, 2008

Twitter as Village - Mayors and Assholes?

Well it seems that some folks just don't get jokes, and can't just play along with the fun. J by Jayfresh blog writer is calling out Shel Isreal, @shelisreal, on his follow up Twitter Village post. The one in which he jokes about naming Chris Brogan Mayor.

J, did you really take that post seriously or are you just pulling our legs on your blog post? We all realize that Twitter is not a country, city, or no, even not a village for real. Duh. And logically, you can't elect anyone anything. Of course, that's obvious too when you consider is a company, in which none of us is likely on the board of directors.

And what's with the asshole comment? I get that you're objecting to his post, but good grief, name calling? You're more mature than that. Which leads me back to you just pulling our legs for a little attention.

Cute; you got mine.

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