Monday, January 14, 2008

Twitter as Village - a rebuttal?

David Krug of Blog Herald has a rebuttal to Twitter as village. His key argument? It's infrastructure!

He's right. Twitter is just that; it's the streets in Soho, it's the waterways in Venice, it's the pub down the street. So technically, no, it's not a village, but it's the part of the village that enables a village to exist. That by his own admisssion:

"It’s a place to create relationships on a different level. its a place to idea stream, its a place to collaborate. It’s an infrastructure to build other communities ..."

No, it's not a community, but the paths, and byways of many communities. So the rest of us are wrong more by semantics and interpretation than anything else.

But what's your opinion; do you live in a Twitter village and would you elect Chris Brogan Mayor?

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