Sunday, January 13, 2008

Twitter as Village Roundup

So I spoke about Twitter as Village earlier, and the idea seemed well received. Here is a round up of what some other bloggers thought about Twitter and community.

Glenda Watson Hyatt
shared about it and what it's inspired her to do.

Before Glenda thought of Twitter as community, here's her initial reaction:

"Initially, my opinion was confirmed: Twitter was instant messaging on speed. It was like being in a room full of people talking and overhearing bits of conversations. Some bits are useful, others are interesting, some are downright bizarre, and, occasionally, a bit is directed at you, drawing you further into that particular conversation momentarily. It was intriguing and addictive, but I didn’t see the value of all this tweeting. Several times I thought of leaving, but being one not to leave a party early, I hung around to see what would happen next."

Shel Isreal also had something to say about the Twitter Village theme on his blog.

Shel has a similar initial reaction to Glenda:
"I've been using Twitter since September, and like she said, for a while, I could not get what it was all about. I was new in the village. people said hello to me and exchanged niceties. The language and content of the 140-character spoonfuls of conversation seemed to me to be kind of shallow. Yep, people really do publish what they had for lunch and say good night before signing off."

Jim Benson followed suit to Shel's post with his own on Twitter community.

Jim questioned the why of Twitter:
"When you are from somewhere and you go somewhere with a very different culture, many things seem patently stupid. Why would someo care if I stuck my chopsticks in my rice and left them there? or Why did he look upset when I gave him a thumbs up and a smile? or Why do I say Thank you before I'm given something?"

In the end though, these people and many others have found that Twitter really has brought them a sense of community. I challenge you to put aside your fears and preformed ideas about what Twitter is or is not, and give it a try. But I warn you, you just might find a real community that brings you joy, tears, a smile and a frown, or unexpected gifts even.

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