Sunday, January 06, 2008

WowWee Robots - Wow Wee!

At the CES this year, the WowWee Robots team brought out lots of new robot companions. Engadget bloggers at the conference are bringing us pictures and more. I've rounded up a bunch of those here for you.

Video: WowWee's Tribot comes alive on the small screen

Video: WowWee Bladestar takes to the (indoor) skies

Hands-on with WowWee Mr. Personality, Rovio, and Bladestar

WowWee lets out Alive animal bots, Fun mini-bots

WowWee's Robotics lineup gets some new additions

WowWee introduces Mr. Personality, Rovio, and Flytech Bladestar

These things are simply amazing! So where might a person purchase one?
Sharper Image has them, as well as Amazon.

PC World also has a set of robot shots to share from CES.

So go check them out and get you a new toy. I know I'm thinking about it already.

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