Saturday, January 31, 2009

If I had easy access to a helicopter, I'd fly to Bermuda this weekend

Bermuda is a beautiful island. It's soft coral sand beaches, the beautiful weather, and friendly people make this a great place to visit.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Utterli - Blog Traffic Driver

A lot of bloggers out there are looking for more ways to drive traffic. A goodly portion of them are looking into social networking and social media to do that.

Most overlook the obvious though, posting where the audience is. This could mean that you need to bring the topics, writing and etc into the realm your real audience is at. This can also mean going online to where your readers are.

Utterli really allows you to address both of those. Through straight observation of my own stream of posts here, and how the impact they have, I've been drawn to that conclusion.

Utterli has turned out to turn up surprisingly well on search traffic. The stats aren't revealed but based on the pass through on partial posts here to my primary blog, it turns up a fair amount of my blog hits.

Utterli supports multimedia posts. The best part, it's easy to include. This allows you to share a photograph, video, written word, or audio, or all of the above. This works great for sharing a post that contains a recording which is transcribed in the text portion. Makes it searchable as well.

Utterli has a receptive viewing audience. Again, just my own observation here, but it's not unusual for a typical post here of mine to get well over 100 hits with some around 800 or more hits.

Utterli has another benefit, you can blog from anywhere. The Utterli mobile page works great for getting a blog post out to your blog, with the added benefit of instant cross posting.

Yes, cross-posting. Utterli was the original post once, post many platform. Before and the sort, you could do that here on Utterli. Utterlie integrates with several of the most popular social networking and media services as well as all types of blogging platforms.

I've posted posts from my Blackberry already. I've posted from here to YouTube, Blogger, Twitter, Wordpress, and more. Added bonus, tags carry through.

So if you want to be able to reach your audience where they are you don't have to log into all of those services or post to them, you can post here, once.

You can even share posts you've placed here later or multiple times to each of the associated platforms. Posts here also have permalinks, and allow discussion.

Before Seesmic was usable in comments, you could leave full multimedia comments here on Utterli. And, bonus!, comments here show up on pushed through posts to the blogs as a comment counter.

So before you go looking to spend lots of time on other platforms trying to post in 20 places, consider using Utterli as a distribution tool. I've found it even works great for older content you want to give folks a fresh look at.

Drop by today and give it a try.


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